Hello there, sailors.

It’s really funny that I’m writing about boredom because the past  days have been HECKING boring. (But I did plan this like this because I knew I would be bored.  February is my cabin fever month.) I sat around listening to Dolly Parton, saying stupid stuff on Twitter, and pinning nonstop on Pinterest.

So yeah, this could be the “ideal” timing because it’s from the heart, but sheesh…

Anyway, I am super prone to boredom if I don’t have any good things to think about, and I’ve had my brain filled with StReSsFuL things lately.  I definitely know what true boredom is.  All of my motivation gets deflated and in sinks depression.  Then all I can think about is taking a trip out west or all the things I WISH I could do right now.

Impatience?  Oh, that’s nothing.

Is there a remedy for boredom?  Can we stomp out this monster?  Can we somehow find the silver bullet to this werewolf that has been mauling us?

Well, if I’m honest, I really have no true solution for boredom.

Boredom in the head, that is.  My boredom stems from my impatience.  I want instant gratification.  I realize it’s not going to happen, and then I procrastinate and it sends me down the road to boredom inside and out.  Depression, stress, and discontentment are my constant companions.  Ugh.

And so I entertain myself with Dolly Parton and Pinterest.

I can suggest things for “physical” boredom though

  • Plan out your week/month/life (it’s never too early/late)
  • Learn something you’ve been thinking about learning
  • Write/journal/letters (someone will appreciate a handwritten letter)
  • Fix something (you know there’s always something)
  • Explore outside/your house/mind/???

Or, I could be everyone’s mom and say to clean the house.  That usually works for me.  So blast some music and clean!

But on another note,

This is just a phase of life.

You’ll bust through.  (Pray it out!)


Thanks for reading!

Honestly, if you guys have a good remedy for intense boredom, tell me down in the comments.  I’m sure I’m not the only one struggling.

(And yes, this was mostly just for me to read to myself every February because cabin fever. Augh.)

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