So I took some time off to do the holidays and enjoy my free time but here I am again.

Bettah than ever and ready to kick some bootay.

I’ve got a LOT of goals for this year because last year I actually did hard work and now know my true potential (go me).  I guess I have nothing better to do than to get to it, eh?

Writerly Goals 2018

Books to Read

I have a long list of books I would like to read.  Do I read?  No, no I don’t.  Part of this is just because I’m lazy after reading textbooks for 4 hours in the morning.  By that time, I just want to write and forget my schoolwork woes.  So reading is sort of a chore.  The other part is because I’m so highly selective, I don’t like ANY books unless they are EPIC. That being said, I am trying to read more books, more genres, and more writing styles.

We’ll see how it actually goes (dear oh dear)

Right now I am reading Cry, the Beloved Country which is beautifully written and getting sad, and I’m only on chapter 11.  It was sad before then so I’m preparing myself for something awful.



Oh yes poetry.  My old friend back in elementary school.  I looooove metaphors and similes and all that jazz.  I used to turn my essays into poetry as soon as I made a sentence with two rhyming words (usually the second sentence).  Anyway, I’m planning on reading poetry here and there (and everywhere).

I also want to take up writing poetry.

I need a moment for a long sigh. (*long sigh*) Mostly just because I do not trust myself.  I will definitely be writing, editing, editing, and scrapping a lot of this.  (And pulling it out of the garbage to edit it again)  But in all reality, I love poetry and I think it will be helpful to get my mind just out of “normal” writing and into extra-creative writing.


Short Stories

Another thing I need to do is read short stories because I am going to try to write short stories all this year (and get published??) .  I was going to try to write a short story each week, but as it is already one and a half weeks into January and I’m still writing my first short story (heh heh), that ain’t gonna happen.

It’s ok though because I’m really getting the hang of it and these characters are so *squeals*

One of the reasons I’m writing (basically the only reason) short stories is to get my name “out there” before I try to publish a novel.  Besides, working with different length works is good for exercising the writing muscle. *Flex*



So back in September (what) I wrote a short story/novelette called Vampires Like to Dance.  It’s a fantasy/humor/romance thingy that takes place right around Halloween.  I just started beta readers on it (aaaaah) and am finishing up the first (crappy) edit.  I really love this story and cried because I laughed so hard during outlining.  Sometimes it still gets me because I am a weak, lonely being that loves to laugh.

My obsession may be bad…because I have a sequel (and) planned.

The sequel is called (drum-roll please) Vampires on the Roof.  It’s more romance-based than the first and takes place during Thanksgiving/Christmastime.  It is also pretty funny.  (I crack me up) The triquel does not yet have a name, but it involves Valentine’s Day and will also be funny because one does not simply break the chain.


And so

I would like to wish all my fellow writers, artists, and *insert occupation here* good luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR


(Although it is a bit late *bites lip*)


What’s yo goals for this year?

Thanks for reading! 🙂