What Writing is for Me

I have always felt trapped.

When I was little, I would stand at the door, always desperate to get outside.  I was always hoping that it was warm enough to go out.  Eventually, I outgrew my backyard, as big as it is, and my playthings that kept me distracted from my need to explore grew boring.

I needed more to roam, new things to do…

but I was stuck.  So, I reverted to other things to keep me preoccupied.  Personality quizzes, books, movies, and music.  Things I had used sparingly in the past were now my daily indulgences.  Although I wished I had spent my adolescent and teen years differently, I wouldn’t be where I am now if I had spent them the way I wanted.

God has a plan for the way I grew up, and I’m going to accept it.

It’s up to me to accept the way my life has happened and to be who I am.  And that is one freedom that I can embrace whenever I set myself to.  It’s hard work, but is definitely worth the struggles.

I always feel trapped…

and writing is how I escape.  It takes me far beyond this small backyard and out to the open plains and the Sahara and open seas.  I am free because I write.  My chains of foul weather, cold temperatures, and mundane life are gone.  I can travel to the ends of the universe.

I’ll never be stuck inside, folding a pile of laundry, as long as I have a pen and paper at hand.

No cage can hold me, no trap ensnare me – I am a being of free will and will do as I please and go where I please.  I can imagine and romance as I please.  And what do I please?  Where do I wish to go?  What dreams and fantasies do I fancy?

There is one word to answer all: writing.



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