A Confession About my Writing

Although I plan rigorously and write relentlessly hard, there is a problem I come up with often.  I try to shrug it off, annoying thing that it is, but it’s still the truth:

I have never been one to edit.

Yes, most of what I’ve ever shared with anyone has been the rough and rowdy draft 1.It’s a bit embarrassing because I know that it’s probably the worst anyone has ever read. But then again, some part of me must not care.  I shall have to dig deep into that pit.  I think a big reason as to why is because I prepare so harshly that it seems like there’s nothing left to fix except for grammar and spelling mistakes.

Surely I could not have left a plot hole or been confusing.

It’s beyond me!  Such is the way of my smart-Alick brain. Although I have had the hardest trouble forcing myself to edit, I have edited a few drafts this year.  What a start. Oh, yes, I love to flatter myself.  Anyway, I’ve come to a realization through this.  While, although everyone hates editing, I believe that perhaps us planners hate the revision process so much because it seems like we’ve already done it all.

Why should we have to edit when we’ve already created a sound story?

Alas, it is an awful thing, yet the results are stupendous.  If I were to sit my caboose down and force myself to edit and edit and edit, I’m fairly certain that I would end up with something I was proud of.  Kinda raises the standards, eh?

I guess it’s something I’ll have to work at and reach for.


What about you?  Have you committed this heinous act?


Thanks for reading! 🙂

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