How I do Devotions

Morning is definitely not my favorite time, but I can still enjoy the fact that I’m alive and well. (And sleepy) Here’s how I put God first every day.

Morning Routine

is probably what keeps me from losing my marbles.  Get up, brush teeth, wash face, fix hair.  All can be done with no extra thinking.  I gulp down two glasses of water and sit down for breakfast.  That’s when I start to put my brain together.

Breakfast and Bible

I sit down, say “good mornin'” to God, and then I open up my BibleGateway app.  I like my routine to be spontaneous enough that I’m doing the same thing every day, but it’s different each time.  Each day, there’s a new verse picked out, and I read the titled section that it’s in.  Part of why I read the bible like this is because I have no idea even where to begin reading when it comes to the Bible.  The other reason is because I believe God does everything for a reason, so I have faith that he’ll show me how I need to grow each day through the verses picked.

ACTS Prayer

After I’ve finished reading, I use the ACTS prayer method.

A – Adoration

Praising God for who he is, what he’s done, and what he is going to do.

C -Confession

This one is obvious 😉 It helps start each day with a clean slate.

T – Thanksgiving

A grateful heart learn to have peace and joy through difficult situations. Think positive!

S – Supplication

This is where you get to ask God to help you and those around you.

I love this way of prayer because it keeps God and his goodness first, humbles you before him, and creates a grateful attitude before you start asking for anything.  God is a friend, not a butler.  We often get caught up in NEEDING so much, and forget about all the good things we already have.

Being alive and well every morning is a start. 🙂


How do you spend time with God?  Let me know in the comments! I’m always looking for new ways to do things.


Thanks for reading!

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