A Cruel Trick

You know, sometimes I played pranks on my siblings. Sometimes I jumped out and scared them and laughed when they cried. But never have I ever been cruel in my prankster scaring ways. Not so for my brother the next step down. He is the cruel prankster type. Lovely INTJ-A mind. I am an INTJ-T... Continue Reading →

Romantical Snippets

Good afternoon, scalawags. Yeah, today is that day.  And, yeah, I'm gonna dedicate this week's blog post to good ole romance.  I will admit, I'm a melancholy, so yes, it just comes natural.  Romance is my brain's art and it is terribly cruel to me. (Am I never to get a moment's peace??) Anyway, the... Continue Reading →


Hello there, sailors. It's really funny that I'm writing about boredom because the past  days have been HECKING boring. (But I did plan this like this because I knew I would be bored.  February is my cabin fever month.) I sat around listening to Dolly Parton, saying stupid stuff on Twitter, and pinning nonstop on... Continue Reading →


(Depression for me was about feeling like there was no point to anything.  Depression can stem from many different things, but this is my experience and I hope that someone can benefit from it.) You sit and stare blankly at the world around you.  Not focusing on anything, your sight goes blurry.  You can't cry... Continue Reading →

Being at Peace with Yourself

It's that time of year when we all start to get lazy with our resolutions. Three weeks into the new year seems to be about when I say, "eh, I've done good so far."  and then in February I get upset with myself for not keeping up.

Writerly Goals 2018

I've got a LOT of goals for this year because last year I actually did hard work and now know my true potential (go me).  I guess I have nothing better to do than to get to it, eh?

A Short Story – Purpose

I empty dream catchers. There’s something satisfying about saving others from the monsters in their heads. Those beasts end up eating at their hearts and leaving the person miserable. That’s why I love to do it. It helps other people. I make my way into their bedrooms and brush all of the bad dreams into... Continue Reading →


Your heart is beating, your throat is tight, your stomach is a knot, you can't breath, and your head is racing. There's a darkness you can feel all around. It's not visible darkness. No, the absence of light. The feeling that you're about to be consumed by a cold, emptiness. The next thing to hell:... Continue Reading →

What Writing is for Me

I have always felt trapped. When I was little, I would stand at the door, always desperate to get outside.  I was always hoping that it was warm enough to go out.  Eventually, I outgrew my backyard, as big as it is, and my playthings that kept me distracted from my need to explore grew... Continue Reading →

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